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Tarot: On the cards

The codes were first published by Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn. Theoretically, Quantum healing works because all matter, including the body, is made.

Tarot: On the cards


There are many things you want to do– there are ideas, creativity and drive. The only obstacle seems to be the way forward and how to make all these things happen. All that you are thinking of are good ones but how do you get them implemented? That is what the Eight of Wands and the Ten of Swords in combination are saying. Just remember that, where there is a will there is a way. Do not let negative thoughts pin you down.


Wonder if you have heard this phrase- Why Fear When I Am Here? This is the word of The Divine and the teacher or guru if there is one. The Hierophant shows that the divine is guiding you. Everything falls into place when you go with the flow. The Three of Cups shows celebrations and good times with family and friends. However, caution must be applied when too much food and spirits are concerned.

GEMINI: (21 MAY — 21 JUNE)

Other than the concerns of overspending or whether you should spend or not (Four of Pentacles), this week is good in many ways. Plans and ideas you have in your mind will materialize in about three to four months, as the Four of Swords is indicating. The Empress shows that you are indeed on top of things. Everything will tend to revolve around you and the things you can do for people. And you are happily playing the role of nurturer.


Stubborn things that were defying solutions will fall into place and your world will feel somewhat complete, with most boxes ticked, as indicated by The World card. The Nine of Cups shows happiness with the way things are going and tough issues show signs of being resolved. On the personal front, it is a good time for family gatherings and family-centered activities. The world seems to be a happy place.

LEO: (23 JULY — 23 AUGUST)

Be prepared for big changes. The Tower is a card that shows that the old must be destroyed for the new to enter. That can be a baffling and uncomfortable time, which you will eventually adapt to. This will put you on the path you are supposed to go on. The Hermit makes you feel alone in a crowd. But The Divine walks with you. You are not willing to rock the boat no matter what at this time.


Probably the best time is being experienced by you now that are different from your regular life. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that and you could be on the upswing. And then, you are also having quality time with people you love, especially in your significant relationships. There is romance and the feeling of being in love as the Two of Cups seems to show. Most things are in your favour right now, so enjoy it completely.


Financially, this is a good phase, especially for women. The Queen of Pentacles indicates being on top of things professionally and financially. While in this phase, make the most of the opportunities as you are extremely capable of handling most things on the home front too. The Six of Swords shows that you are allowing yourself to be led by someone important. You are also being sought after for your goodness.


This is a time when most things are on track and there is no need to feel lack of material things. The Five of Pentacles shows a mindset that looks at lack instead of abundance. Change the course of your thoughts of plenty and riches. The Two of Pentacles suggests a caution when it comes to spending – sometimes you don’t need to think too much. Money will flow. Any ideas you have in mind will show results in about four months.


Money issues could be dominating your life right now. The wants are endless, and all your energy will go into the wanting mindset and that will push things behind, not allowing you to see how much you already have. The Four of Pentacles tells that goals and targets have to also be realistic and doable. The Ace of Pentacles indicates good money flow and you will be doing well in work. On the family front, it is a good and happy time.


The tender side of you will be in full play in the days ahead. You will be sought after and you too will be engaging with those who need company. And for that, you will receive plenty of blessings and goodwill, as the Six of Cups shows. However, it is also a time for introspection -as the card Judgement shows, where you will need to do a balance of what you have done and what you will do ahead. This will help you deal with things better.


As the Justice card has come, it shows that what is due to you is happening and you are also being taken care of by The Divine. This is an opportunity to take stock of the good things in your life. The Eight of Swords indicates that you get overwhelmed silently about circumstances and you could be feeling stuck and trapped in things. You like to be in control of things but let that go. You will be much happier if you do this.


The Chariot shows journeysmetaphysical as well as physical. And it also shows that things are going in the right manner. But you will need to believe in yourself while you go through many situations. This card, Strength, is about forbearance and tolerance, and the patience to understand that life unfolds in a planned manner. There are no mistakes in the process. So avoid feeling that you are helpless and that you are in control of things.

Chitra Mahesh
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