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Tarot: On the cards

Our Tarot reader brings you what the stars have in store for your zodiac signs this week

Tarot: On the cards

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CHENNAI: This week are a set of codes to be used. The numbers can be written, or chanted digit by digit many times. The more one does it, the better the results. It needs faith and a persistent effort to do them.

For good health- 80845700

Entrepreneurship- 71974131981

Steady income- 9213140

Marriage- 48040305Our Tarot reader brings you what the stars have in store for your zodiac signs this week

Protection- 71931

To get good grades- 89941503

Increase self-esteem- 4818951749814

Business success- 706485425

Weight loss- 5343168


You could be feeling over-whelmed with all that is going on in your life the Nine of Swords shows over thinking and sleepless nights. It is time to let go of things that are not in your control and accept the outcomes. The Emperor indicates that regardless of situations, you are guided and helped by a strong individual who somehow will help ease things out. This is also a time for self-introspection about the cause and effect in your life.


The Ace of Wands augurs for work conditions and circumstances- it will be good, fulfilling and also successful. There could be beginnings and new projects. The Wheel of Fortune shows that things are on the upswing. Success will now be yours. In a way, all is well in your world. Meanwhile, the work and directions of the youngsters you are invested in, will forge forward well and be in firm positions, when it comes to work and creativity.


It is a happy family time. The Four of Wands shows harmony, companionship and good things happening in the household, where children and adults will be doing good. There could also be the acquisition of new properties and gains. The King of Swords shows the presence of a strong clarity-filled individual, who knows how to get things done and that will be to your advantage. You can be assured that things are all moving in the right direction.


You need to think out of the box to reach your goal. Certain situations and circumstances require new ways of solving. The Hanged Man shows a challenging situation that will require some unconventional manners of getting things done. The World card indicates that should you do everything that will work in your favour. Then it will be time for celebrations which you can do with your loved ones and those who wish you well.


Faith seem to be the cornerstone of your life and if you continue like this then most things get worked out for the best. The Hierophant shows that adherence to the guru/mentor/ teacher’s inputs and directions will stand you in good stead. The Devil indicates being tied to a relationship that can be stifling at times and comforting at others. Through all this, the best is to be carefree and allow life to take its own course.


You could be feeling isolated and alone. You might feel misunderstood and many other things that make you feel alone. The Hermit is a sign that you need to spend time with yourself and not mingle with those who do not match your vibrational level. The Divine walks with you all the time. The Seven of Cups shows expectations – and if they are unrealistic and big then disappointment will also be there. You might feel trapped, but this is a passing phase.


The Sun card indicates good things, new beginnings and a bright phase in life. It also shows additions to the family and you will be in the limelight for all the good reasons. The Queen of Cups, however, shows emotional ups and downs, and you are trying hard not to get overwhelmed by that. Somewhere you are grappling with many things and that can be hard. However, there is the calm presence of a person in your life, who also provides emotional stability.


The works of the youngsters in your life will be primary now, as you feel all their ideas and work must reach a logical conclusion, including promotions, salary raises or recognitions. The Knight of Wands is indicative of this. The Page of Pentacles alludes to the earning capacity of such people in your life and you motivate them to do better. There are times when you feel like you are on your own despite being with people. Allow this to come and go.


You are in battle mode right now. You are aggressive and will not care about the feelings and emotions of those involved. You are ready to go hammer and tongs with what you wish to achieve or solve. The Five of Swords is indicative of this. The Three of Wands shows you will be exploring options overseas and looking for outside collaborations to get things on track. The home front looks good, and there could be additions to the family.


The mood now could be one of running away from things you are supposed to deal with. Stay away from issues rather than deal with them. That is what the Eight of Cups is showing. Take things by the horns and finish it now. The Ten of Wand shows you have more on your plate than you can deal with. It makes you feel burdened, especially when it comes to work. Think about the possibility of delegating and putting down some of the things you are carrying.


There are some issues that you are not thinking of too much because you could feel frustrated, overwhelmed and helpless. So, the best is to ignore it and go about the daily routine. The Seven of Swords is indicative of this. You will also not allow others to figure out what you are thinking. The Page of Wands shows the satisfaction with the work of youngsters. And the work life is going well. In other ways, it is indeed family time and it is to your satisfaction in many ways.


The week ahead is filled with good moments- the Ace of Cups shows emotional stability and success at what you do. You will also be commended for the work and that will give you immense satisfaction. The Four of Swords shows that whatever you are planning or thinking of will come to fruition in about four months. Till then, you can allow thing to unfold. When it comes to work, you are on top at this time and you will be the most preferred person in the field.

Chitra Mahesh
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