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Tarot: On the cards

This week let us look at Divine numbers or Codes that you can use for different purposes. With the rains, comes a lot of health issues that needs to be addressed.

Tarot: On the cards


Here are some useful codes to get love, practise unconditional love and also to pursue self-love. Chant them digit by digit or write them on the body (left side) in blue ink.

157914: For Self-Love

515 889: Attracting love 715400: Soulmates

888 412 1289018: Eternal Love - partner 918 1419: Harmonious partnership according to the Creator’s Norm 817219738: Mascot for protection 5148123: Gratefulness


Sometimes having good relationships does not seem to be enough– the solitude creeps up despite being in a crowd, as the Five of Cups shows. This feeling comes when there is a sense of emptiness. This can only be filled with internal work as happiness comes from within. The Two of Cups indicates harmony between people. However, women tend to fare better, considering they are good as long as there is financial freedom.


Many things on your plate will make you feel burdened, especially if it has to do with work related stuff. There are too many interests and aspirations that need outlet, direction, and also a good outcome. The Ten of Wands shows plenty of fire when it comes to getting what you aspire for. However, the Nine of Pentacles shows you to be in a good state when it comes to financial matters. There is plenty of money.


In general, you are satisfied with what is going on in your life. You feel most boxes are ticked and that life is good for now. The Nine of Cups shows that there is nothing much to complain about your life. The work of the young ones in your family are doing well and if you are in that category then you will be doing well too. There is travel in the cards and there are choices that you need to make.


You are struck with a double mind. Lucky that there are choices instead of not having them. Also, remember whatever you decide will be the best thing for you. The Two of Swords shows great amount of thinking going on right now. Allow the mind to relax and answers will follow. The Queen of Wands indicates that you are in a top position in your field of competence. However, don’t take on too much, lest, you feel burdened.


The Moon card indicates mood swings and listening to any advice that people around give. This is unproductive and unsettling, and you should learn to listen to your inner voice and go by your instincts. This is a card that also shows a mind that can achieve great wonders, concentrating on positive things. The Four of Wands suggests a happy home with family and those close to you. However, at work, you could be in hostile situations and arguments.


As long as you don’t have over expectations of anything and anyone, you are good to go. The Seven of Cups shows that. If you take everything as a lesson, then you are learning all the time and everything becomes like an academic exercise. And that is what the justice card is also telling you. Live like the lotus leaf over muck and allow water to flow out without affecting the core of you. Frustrating situations are plenty now.


New directions and work situations are possibly exciting, especially for the youngsters in your life, as the Page of Wands shows. The Page also shows a driven and passionate individual, who is focused on work. The Four of Swords indicates that for things to show up it will take about three months’ time. New journeys and explorations are around the corner to do with work, that will be interesting and also driven by the focus and attention.


The week ahead is one of fortune, abundance and going about things in the right way. The Ace of Pentacles shows this, when it comes to doing work with good monetary benefits. There is much success here and you would do well to keep some aside for future use. The Chariot shows that you are progressing in the right way and going about with good intent. There is also a possibility of getting unexpected money from some quarters.


New directions, new projects and collaborations are on the cards, as the Page of Cups shows. You will benefit greatly from working with young people. If there is anything to do with water and growing something, it will do well. However, all this will take about three to four months to start showing good results. You could also be engaged with renovation, building or buying property as the Three of Pentacles suggests. The ambitious streak in you is strong right now.


The force you pray to is guiding and guarding you. If things are not happening at the pace you want, then be assured that you need this time, as the Hierophant shows. The Strength card indicates that this is a time for taking stock and keeping the faith, and have the courage to deal with what comes your way. Rest assured, you will soon be in a position of being wanted and attention will come in a good way.


It could be a frustrating time about many things. Overthinking and poor sleep habits won’t help. It is time to let go and relax, no matter what the situation is and allow things to flow. The Nine of Swords shows an over active mind and it is time to calm it down. The Ten of Pentacles indicates abundance and money should not be the problem. There are also possibilities of starting new ventures and projects.


Things have come a full circle and there is a certain peace in how everything is going right now. The Wheel of Fortune suggests that if there were bad times then the wheel has turned to bring you happiness. The Empress shows that you are on top of things- especially if a woman, you will be the nurturer and the giver and keeper of the family. Meanwhile, ambitions are riding high and you will set out to do all the work there is to get good results.

Chitra Mahesh
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