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Tarot: On the cards

This week are given some codes devised by the Russian spiritualist Grabovi

Tarot: On the cards



It is an excellent week ahead for many things- money, relation-ships and all things that matter to you. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that things will fall intoplace in a manner that will make you heave a sigh of contentment. The Emperor shows the presence of a strong male individual who will be the guiding force in all your endeavours. And also, the blessings of the ancestors are upon you. You are on a good track now.


You are in a better place right now– it is a life you are enjoying with the grace of The Divine. The Star card shows respect, attention and the fact that you are considered like a star or someone whose words matter. The Five of Pentacles is an extension of these thoughts to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. If there are concerns about the career of a young one, that will be sorted out soon.


Work, ambitions, drive and passion are the keywords for the week ahead. The Nine of Wands shows there are plenty of work options available to you as you are multifaceted. But choose only one for deep perusal. When it comes to money, there is nothing to worry about as there is plenty as the Ten of Pentacles is suggesting. There are also good times/celebrations, and outings with family and friends.


The Five of Swords relates to a situation where you would not like to rock the boat. You could be feeling a bit stifled but you also know that there are not many alternatives at this point and you would rather go with the flow. The World card, however, shows that everything is on the right track and if not till now it will most definitely be. Also, you are guided and guarded by the forces above.


At odds with yourself? This is likely at this point. You second guess and doubt whether you are the instigator of events around you. The triggers make you a bit hostile and build animosity toward those you feel are threatening your sense of well-being. However, the Ace of Cups shows that you can reason things out within and also be in a state of emotional equilibrium. You think twice before spending money.


Guided and protected by strong male energies, you are in a good place when it comes to finances and abundance– this could be blessings of ancestors and forefathers and the support of those around you. But the Seven of Swords shows a somewhat stealthy mindset when you would like to do things secretly. And when it comes to clarity of what you want and achieve, there is no doubt that you know what you are doing.


The movement of the Moon every fifteen days does have a bearing on your mind and the way you perceive things during that time. The Moon card indicates mood swings. Just don’t allow these thoughts to control you. Meanwhile, the Three of Cups shows that there are also good times going on with family and friends, and you have plenty to celebrate. With two good options, you are wondering what you should choose.


Having clarity over what and how you are going to manage the professional side of your life is your strength right now. That is what the Ace of Swords is indicating. And you have the position and the power to do it all. The Four of Swords shows that some plans will show up physically in about four months. With so much going on, you will also want to run away from all the responsibilities that have been put on you.


You could be feeling tied down and frustrated at this point. And a lot of it has to do with your self-limiting beliefs and points of view. This is the Eight of Wands that indicates all this – on the other hand, the Knight of Pentacles brings you cheer with new directions, plans, collaborations and journeys. It will all be new and also with good monetary benefits. You can be assured that you are on the right track.


At odds with others and with yourself over trivial matters, this seems to be the norm. The Five of Wands shows hostility, arguments and differences of opinion, especially when it comes to work. All this is to prove a point which if done with calmness will bring more productivity. The Judgement card shows that self-introspection and gratitude are required to enjoy all the good things already in your life. Get rid of the poverty mindset.


The Seven of Pentacles shows financial stability and the good investments made over the years, allowing you to live without too much stress about money. You can afford to sit back and do all that you wish. The Six of Wands shows the good career path of the younger lot in your family and you take pride in their achievement. There is a change, however, there will be temporary unsettling, but you will see in retrospect that this was and is essential.

PISCES (18 FEBRUARY — 20 MARCH) Things don’t go as you plan and that can be frustrating. The Ten of Swords shows you are feeling tied down and stabbed into submission. But that seems to be the product of an overactive mind, which if you keep it under control and ignore most of the dire things. Ostensibly, everything is in order and place- as the Nine of Cups is indicating. You also have the presence of a strong male who helps you figure many things out.

Chitra Mahesh
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