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Tarot: On the cards

Divine Codes are effective if done properly and with faith. They make pathways for the desires you are seeking materialisation.

Tarot: On the cards

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CHENNAI: This week, there are more Divine Codes for use. They are effective if done properly and with faith. They make pathways for the desires you are seeking materialisation.

971 85319: Solution for problems

817219738: Lucky charm

519 7148: Anything is possible

589 317 318 614: Increasing income

516 719418: Assets, material and monetary goods.

5148123: Gratitude

719 481 71: To materialise plans and thoughts


When it comes to work, you will feel the strain and stress of doing too much in a short time. The Ten of Wands shows many things running parallelly at work and you could feel overwhelmed and burdened. However, things are going as per your plans, as the World card is showing. You are in a good space when it comes to career goals and aspirations. Emotionally too, you feel fulfilled as there is also appreciation for what you do.


The Ten of Swords shows the weight and the feeling of being pinned down is strong. You are feeling somewhat trapped in your circumstances – not that they are not good but there are too many things happening. And your thoughts could be running amok. The Knight of Swords indicates the presence of a loved one, who is almost always in the fight mode. This impacts your sense of peace and quiet. However, muster up strength and think through things rationally.


There is little need to rock the boat – this is your thought about this week ahead. You will not disturb the way things are being done and going. The Six of Swords shows that you tend to hide your true feelings. You will tend to avoid the social scene and explain what you really have been doing. The Two of Swords puts you in a position where you have to choose between options about everything. The youngsters, however, perform well.


Some degree of stubbornness and being adamant will not allow you to see things right in front of you. This might lead to missing opportunities. The Four of Cups shows this. You tend to have an image in your mind about how things should be and that can be a mismatch when it comes to reality. The Page of Swords indicates that you are constantly being pitted against those younger than you, who have more energy and aggressiveness.


Expect big changes in the days ahead. There could be a loss of some sort and it will be for the best. This is indicated by the Tower card which is all about breaking the old to bring in the new. The Emperor shows the presence of a king-like person who is the mainstay of your life right now. It also shows how well this person protects you. Don’t allow thoughts to run riot in your mind.


The Seven of Pentacles augurs well for your financial position as you can afford to sit back and enjoy the good things in life. The Nine of Wands shows there are tremendous ambitions to make it big and fuel all your passions into things that will bring fame and monetary rewards. You will need to curb your expenses- or at least be aware of what you are using it for.


The drive, ambitions, passion and will to achieve great things are uppermost in your mind. The Ace of Wands shows that you are ready to conquer your world and also willing to work hard to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. There is definitely success ahead. The Ten of Cups shows a happy family environment and also that your personal life is more fulfilled than it was. Use money wisely.


The feeling of too much spending will be running through your mind as you go along. You also tend to be a bit secretive about how much money you possess and give the impression that there is not enough. This is the Four of Pentacles speaking, while the Devil card shows you to be in a relationship that sometimes feel like bondage and there is no way to turn. However, also be prepared for big changes coming up.


There are journeys to be made and it will also have to do with work and future goals. The Six of Wands indicates drive and a will to achieve great things for yourself. But circumstances are such that you are likely to feel trapped and not know how to extricate yourself from the situation. That is the Eight of Swords, which can be making you feel helpless. On the personal front, it is all good. Especially with your partner.


If you are contemplating further studies or trying to pursue knowledge through various sources, this is the time for it. The High Priestess shows that this is a time for learning- languages, stock markets and more. The Priestess is also the Goddess, who suggests the life lessons that need to be learnt no matter what. And you could be feeling a little alone right now, as the Hermit indicates. However, all this is preparation for the future and a good work situation.


It is all fire and brimstone for now, as the cards drawn have to do with ambitions and goals to be fulfilled. The Eight of Wands shows you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. However, it is not practical to do everything simultaneously. A choice has to be made. The Five of Wands indicates arguments, hostility and aggression. That said, all that you do feels like a big burden right now.


The Queen of Swords indicates a strong presence in your life – it’s that or you are a strong presence that helps people lead good lives. The strength is what is standing out and that will drive people to do their best. The Hierophant is like the teacher or the guru – physical or spiritual sense will be guiding through situations and life in general. You will also help the elderly and it makes you feel useful and happy.

Chitra Mahesh
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