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Tarrot: On the cards

This week there are some switchwords and numbers to be used appropriately. For anything related to the medical cir- cumstance, seek medical experts’ advice, diagnosis and direction.

Tarrot: On the cards

ARIES: 20 March - 20 april

Just out of the Mercury Retrograde, the week ahead looks good for many. The Star card shows limelight, success and applause. The World card also endorses this with the completion of pending things. It also shows that there are good things on the horizon and all that were dormant are now looking up in a good for most of you. On the relationship front, it could need working. Ensure that these are not bondages.

TAURUS: 20 April - 21 May

Major changes are on the way– be prepared to have your world turned upside down and make way for new things to come into your life. These could take time to get used to. In the big picture, these are needed for a different way of living. This is indicated by The Tower card as destruction leads the way to resurrection. The Two of Cups shows harmony for those who are in a committed relationship. There is also stability.

GEMINI: 21 may - 21 june

Are there plans to start a new venture or business? It is likely to take shape and will have a lot to do with young people, as the Page of Cups indicates. Meanwhile, the King of Wands shows that you will be guided well by someone, who is an expert and experienced enough to avoid the pitfalls of work-related stuff. All this will take a couple of months to show up and begin producing results.

CANCER: 21 JUNE - 23 july

It is a time for giving and receiving love- the caring, nourishing love of family and friends, who are the ones who truly matter. The Six of Cups shows that this is like a lifeline. You too need to show affection and compassion to those who are elderly. The Page of Swords indicates that there is a strong determination to cut through obstacles to achieve what you seek to do. Donating and doing charitable acts are things you are inclined to do.

LEO: 23 july - 23 august

The Ten of Swords could indicate circumstances that are leaving you frustrated, tired and drained. There is also overthinking. You could also be feeling physically down. Do drink plenty of water and eat cool foods. The Eight of Wands shows the drive and passion you have for your work. This is also indicative of the amount of work you do effortlessly. But the feeling of being stuck and tied up seems to dominate your thinking and day-to-day life.

VIRGO: 23 August - 23 september

Traveling and going to places are in cards. The Two of Wands suggests work-related travel too. While you meet and greet people, you also create a network that will come to be useful one day. The Ace of Cups shows a lot of emotional happiness at a time like this and you are also being enabled by the Universe in getting what you want at this point in time. However, no matter how good things are, there is a sense of melancholy right through.

LIBRA: 23 September - 23 october

While you are on top of things work-wise and financially, you are secure about your position and also your place in the scheme of things. The Nine of Pentacles is indicative of your good relationship with people. The Moon card shows that it won’t let you be at peace because your mind will create thoughts and scary situations. And these get aggravated during the Full Moon and No Moon time. All it needs now is patience and acceptance.


Good times, gatherings and companionship are the order of the day, and you will have many things to celebrate. The Three of Cups shows a lot of times making happy and fond memories for posterity. The Queen of Wands shows a strong determined person, who has things in control, and working hard on the areas of competence, who does not allow anything to stop the progress. Any major plans for the future will take about three to four months to shape.


With more and more gratitude, you are likely to reap the benefits of being in a higher vibrational state of mind. The Judgement card asks you to contemplate on this thought, and make it yours effectively. The Empress shows the dominance of women in your life- and they are the ones who drive things forward positively, and you will benefit from their inputs and the way they do things. Looking at the big picture, you are having a happy home right now.


If you are thinking of further studies, then this is the time. If you are already going through a course, then you will do well and learn some life skills too. The High Priestess asks you to turn to the goddess of knowledge to help you through tricky situations, which will present themselves. This is indicated by The Hanged Man who will bring to your life situations that need clever solutions. Think creatively, and you will find yourself dealing with things better.


One major quality about you is that you tend to always do the right thing. It may not always come across that way, but there is a strong sense of right and wrong in your book of behaviour. That is also because you are mostly guided by your higher self, who ensures you walk down the right path, as indicated by the Hierophant. The Four of Wands shows a happy household. The preoccupation with the youngsters in the family is legitimate, but let things flow.


To keep the young ones in your life motivated is your goal. The Page of Pentacles also shows new projects, collaborations and new avenues of monetary compensation. The Ace of Wands shows success and goals achieved when it comes to work related activities, and you are being well supported by all those around you, and also circumstances that work to your benefit. The presence of a strong clear-headed individual, works to your advantage and gives you the push to go ahead.

Chitra Mahesh
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